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[audio]People Rise Up - 2/22/06 - So the Global Oil Peak Has Occurred, Now What? - Andrew Geller
Please go to People Rise Up homepage for details and additional links.
Keywords: oil; peak oil; oil production; Deffeyes
Downloads: 1,049
[texts]Air Foam HD Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS)
The material data safety sheets for a oil/gas production drilling product Air Foam HD. Toxicity information, inhalation information, skin contact information. Air Foam HD contans a large amount of the chemical 2-Butoxythanol (2-BE) which is toxic to humans and animals. Additional documentation includes endocrinologist and zoologist Dr. Theo Colburn's statement to the U.S. federal government about the risks associated with using 2-BE for oil/gas production.
Keywords: chemical hazards; material data safety sheet; natural gas; oil production
Downloads: 289
[audio]Shades of Green Energy October 20, 2011 Environmental Issues with Tar Sands - John Hoffner: Producer, Co-hosts: Debrah Dubay, Reed Sternberg
The topic this week was the Tar Sands issue. Joining us on Shades of Green Energy Radio at 91.7 FM were Environmental Advocate and Chemical Engineer, Chris Wilson and Trevor Lovell from Public Citizen Texas and Statewide Director of ReEnergize Texas. Wilson by no means minced words when it came to discussing the Tar Sands project and the Keystone XL pipeline proposed to transport the bituminous sands to the US...
Keywords: Tar Sands; Environmental effects of Tar Sand oil production; Canadian Tar Sands
Downloads: 7
[movies]What does 'peak oil' mean?
Professor Heinberg explains what ?peak oil? means. The theory of peak oil started with M. King Hubbert, who said that global oil production would decline. Predictions for when global oil reserves will run out vary but there is general consensus on oil depletion.
Keywords: news&information; what does peak oil mean; define peak oil; what is peak oil; peak oil theory; m king hubbert; global oil production; oil production decline; global oil reserves; oil depletion; when will we run out of oil
Downloads: 8
[movies]NASA SCI Files - Oil Exploration and Production - NASA LaRC Office of Education
Seventh segment of the Ocean Odyssey describes how drilling companies produce and look for oil.
Keywords: NASA SciFiles; The Ocean Odyssey; Tides; Waves; Oceans; Ocean Current; Oil production; Oil Exploration; Derrick; Sources of Oil Pollution
Downloads: 219
[texts]Brattleboro Vermont Peak Oil Task Force Reprot
Brattleboro Vermont Peak Oil Task Force Reprot
Keywords: peak; oil; task; selectboard; force; brattleboro; crude; prices; fossil; mitigation; peak oil; task force; crude oil; oil task; oil production
Downloads: 31
Keywords: oil; peak; energy; renewable; coal; addiction; economy; carbon; fossil; gas; peak oil; oil production; nuclear power; green party; renewable energy; fossil fuel; climate change
Downloads: 18
[movies]What are the effects of peak oil?
Professor Heinberg explains the effects of ?peak oil?. The theory of peak oil says that global oil production is in decline. Because our economies rely so heavily on cheap oil, global oil depletion will affect everything from transport to housing to food supply.
Keywords: news&information; effects of peak oil; what happens when we run out of oil; oil depletion; what is peak oil; peak oil theory; m king hubbert; global oil production; oil production decline; global oil reserves; when will we run out of oil
Downloads: 4
[texts]energy beyond oil intro
energy beyond oil intro
Keywords: energy; oil; renewable; ergy; nuclear; supply; tion; global; production; natural; renewable energy; paul mobbs; oil production; natural gas; global oil; oil supply; energy supply; energy sources; nuclear power; north sea
Downloads: 20
[texts]Carbon Cycle Crush Enables Clients To Get Expeller Pressed Canola Oil With Lubricating Properties
Carbon Cycle Crush Enables Clients to Get Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil with Lubricating PropertiesFor more information, please visit
Keywords: Canola Farming; Eastern washington Canola Fields; Biodiesel Oil Expeller; Canola Oil in Bulk; Bulk Canola Oil Suppliers; Canola Oil Health; Where to Buy Canola Oil; Wholesale Canola Oil; Canola Oil Production; Expeller Pressed Oil
Downloads: 2
[texts]Carbon Cycle Crush Offering Clients The Best Range Of Expeller Pressed Canola Oil
Carbon Cycle Crush is helping local farmers and ranchers create economically, socially and environmentally sustainable businesses by driving a consistent demand for crops, providing educational support, creating local jobs and selling high-quality expeller-pressed Canola oil and expeller-pressed Canola meal.
Keywords: Canola Farming; Eastern washington Canola Fields; Biodiesel Oil Expeller; Canola Oil in Bulk; Bulk Canola Oil Suppliers; Canola Oil Health; Where to Buy Canola Oil; Wholesale Canola Oil; Canola Oil Production; Expeller Pressed Oil
Downloads: 4
[texts]Portland Peak Oil Task Force Final Report
Portland Peak Oil Task Force Final Report
Keywords: oil; peak; portland; task; energy; transportation; force; impacts; natural; oregon; peak oil; task force; natural gas; oil task; force report; health care; oregon department; social services; portland office; oil production
Downloads: 22
[texts]EWG Oilreport 10-2007
EWG Oilreport 10-2007
Keywords: oil; production; crude; outlook; lbst; supply; energy; peak; reserves; decline; crude oil; oil production; supply outlook; final draft; outlook final; tar sands; energy outlook; international energy; oil supply; natural gas
Downloads: 19
[texts]EWG Oil Exec Summary 10-2007
EWG Oil Exec Summary 10-2007
Keywords: oil; production; oecd; peak; projections; crude; ngl; figure; iea; supply; oil production; oil supply; crude oil; middle east; oecd north; oecd ngl; oecd europe; north america; saudi arabia; reserve data
Downloads: 22
Keywords: oil; climate; transport; fuel; local; energy; lga; volatile; fleet; authorities; climate change; local authorities; public transport; peak oil; oil production; oil price; oil case; local government; bus services; oil prices
Downloads: 23
[texts]PowerSwitch 30p Peak Oil Summary
PowerSwitch 30p Peak Oil Summary
Keywords: oil; energy; peak; production; tooke; summary; current; copyright; gas; economic; tooke april; oil peak; mike tooke; copyright mike; oil companies; conventional oil; oil production; nuclear power; oil prices; renewable energy
Downloads: 20
[texts]Hirsch Report Oil Peaking NETL
Hirsch Report Oil Peaking NETL
Keywords: oil; production; peaking; energy; fuel; mitigation; fuels; bpd; liquid; gas; oil production; natural gas; oil price; oil prices; oil peaking; liquid fuels; conventional oil; fuel efficiency; oil sands; oil supply
Downloads: 17
[texts]The Economic Challenge of Sustainability
The Economic Challenge of Sustainability
Keywords: energy; sustainability; oil; economy; growth; fossil; permits; economic; global; system; energy prices; money system; higher energy; economic growth; purchasing power; oil production; interest rate; fossil fuel; fossil energy; central banks
Downloads: 24
[texts]Burnaby BC Peak Oil - The Municipal Context
Burnaby BC Peak Oil - The Municipal Context
Keywords: oil; energy; peak; global; municipal; transportation; consumption; director; context; january; global peak; municipal context; transportation committee; director planning; peak oil; energy sources; oil production; global oil; consumption patterns; natural gas
Downloads: 17
[texts]Towards Oil Resilience Community Information Paper
Towards Oil Resilience Community Information Paper
Keywords: oil; queensland; transport; government; fuel; vulnerability; resilience; gas; production; energy; queensland government; resilience community; oil resilience; government policy; public transport; oil vulnerability; oil production; natural gas; greenhouse gas; oil prices
Downloads: 17
[texts]Peak Oil-Security policy implications of scarce resources
Peak Oil-Security policy implications of scarce resources
Keywords: oil; energy; peak; countries; security; global; october; production; supply; conflict; peak oil; security policy; natural gas; producer countries; oil reserves; oil production; conflict constellations; global peak; foreign policy; importing countries
Downloads: 44
[texts]Forecasting production from discovery
Forecasting production from discovery
Keywords: oil; production; discovery; cumulative; ultimate; crude; ihs; figure; annual; creaming; oil production; crude oil; creaming curve; natural gas; oil discovery; annual oil; cumulative oil; cumulative discovery; cumulative production; shifted discovery
Downloads: 25
[texts]EndOfOilBooklet 0
EndOfOilBooklet 0
Keywords: energy; oil; fossil; production; industrial; renewable; natural; current; food; solar; natural gas; post carbon; net energy; coming energy; nuclear power; industrial societies; fossil fuels; renewable energy; oil production; high noon
Downloads: 16
Keywords: energy; city; sebastopol; oil; fuel; charting; costs; recommendation; fossil; solar; energy future; natural gas; energy costs; city council; price increases; peak oil; fossil fuels; oil production; fossil fuel; energy sources
Downloads: 26
[texts]Preparing for Peak Oil
Preparing for Peak Oil
Keywords: oil; peak; energy; gas; climate; transport; local; depletion; fuel; biogas; peak oil; post carbon; local authorities; climate change; oil production; oil depletion; natural gas; public transport; task force; global oil
Downloads: 38
[texts]The debate over Hubberts Peak
The debate over Hubberts Peak
Keywords: billion; production; oil; eurr; barrels; peak; reserves; petroleum; crude; trillion; billion barrels; oil production; crude oil; proved reserves; peak year; peak production; ultimate recoverable; recoverable reserves; geological survey; reserve growth
Downloads: 39
[texts]Army - End of Cheap Oil
Army - End of Cheap Oil
Keywords: oil; energy; fuel; military; production; army; efficiency; cost; defense; deployment; oil production; fuel efficiency; global oil; true cost; oil supply; energy efficiency; energy consumption; national commission; design process; defense science
Downloads: 22
[texts]Peak Everything-Waking Up to the Century of Declines
Peak Everything-Waking Up to the Century of Declines
Keywords: peak; oil; energy; fossil; human; climate; global; fuels; depletion; peak oil; climate change; fossil fuels; natural gas; fossil fuel; oil depletion; oil production; human population; greenhouse gas; global oil
Downloads: 55
[texts]Risks of the Oil Transition
Risks of the Oil Transition
Keywords: oil; energy; production; conventional; ghg; emissions; scps; transition; scp; liquid; conventional oil; oil transition; oil production; ghg emissions; liquid fuels; crossref link; climate change; strategic risks; scp production; oil shale
Downloads: 24
[texts]U.S G.A.O Peak Oil Report
U.S G.A.O Peak Oil Report
Keywords: oil; peak; production; technologies; doe; energy; uncertainty; consumption; federal; conventional; oil production; peak oil; natural gas; production appendix; oil sands; oil prices; oil consumption; oil shale; key technologies; oil supply
Downloads: 19
[texts]Impact of Peak Oil on International Development 20080721
Impact of Peak Oil on International Development 20080721
Keywords: energy; oil; peak; global; fossil; production; renewable; food; development; impacts; peak oil; oil production; food production; renewable energy; international development; climate change; energy security; fossil fuels; oil prices; local food
Downloads: 20
[texts]portland metro-whitepaper oil supply uncertainty
portland metro-whitepaper oil supply uncertainty
Keywords: oil; energy; supply; metro; transportation; uncertainty; peak; production; municipal; vulnerability; oil supply; supply uncertainty; oil production; peak oil; oil price; san francisco; oil prices; future oil; energy sources; risk management
Downloads: 21
[texts]the oil crunch report 2010
the oil crunch report 2010
Keywords: oil; energy; production; demand; peak; prices; taskforce; capacity; global; fig; peak oil; energy security; industry taskforce; oil prices; spare capacity; oil demand; oil production; oil price; security february; oil supply
Downloads: 29
[audio]Is it just doom and gloom or should the U.S. expect a collapse? - sgl
Dmitry Orlov interviewed by Bonnie Faulkner Dmitry Orlov is an engineer and a writer on the potential economic, ecological and political decline and collapse in the United States. Orlov believes collapse will be the result of huge military budgets, government deficits, an unresponsive political system and declining oil production. Bonnie Faulkner is the host and producer of KPFA's Guns and Butter radio program...
Keywords: Great Speeches and Interviews; Dmitry Orlov; Bonnie Faulkner; collapse; KPFA; Guns and Butter; military budgets; government deficits; oil production; Chris Hedges; The World As It Is; Laura Flanders; Bin Laden; terrorism; empire
Downloads: 92
[texts]0909 final UKERC PeakOil Low
0909 final UKERC PeakOil Low
Keywords: oil; production; global; estimates; peak; urr; fields; reserve; decline; cumulative; reserve growth; conventional oil; oil production; global urr; decline rate; global oil; cumulative production; recoverable resources; oil supply; crude oil
Downloads: 40
[texts]New Pessimism about Petroleum Resources
New Pessimism about Petroleum Resources
Keywords: production; hubbert; campbell; laherrere; oil; cumulative; estimates; curve; discoveries; ihs; field size; hubbert curve; oil production; hubbert modelers; billion barrels; ultimately recoverable; recoverable resources; middle east; ihs energy; size estimates
Downloads: 30
[texts]Four European Energy Futures
Four European Energy Futures
Keywords: energy; global; european; oil; transition; climate; innovation; scenarios; sustainable; globalisation; european energy; climate change; oil production; energy transition; change policies; oil peak; firewalled europe; fenceless europe; energy sector; energy transitions
Downloads: 21
[texts]hirsch2005 PeakingRisks
hirsch2005 PeakingRisks
Keywords: oil; production; peaking; energy; fuel; mitigation; fuels; bpd; liquid; gas; oil production; natural gas; oil price; oil prices; oil peaking; conventional oil; liquid fuels; fuel efficiency; oil sands; oil supply
Downloads: 17
[texts]p04 Oil-based Technology and Economy
p04 Oil-based Technology and Economy
Keywords: oil; production; reserves; conventional; energy; growth; demand; peak; decline; gas; conventional oil; oil production; oil price; natural gas; oil consumption; energy outlook; production capacity; crude oil; ultimate reserves; oil demand
Downloads: 54
[texts]World Oil Production and Peaking Outlook
World Oil Production and Peaking Outlook
Keywords: production; oil; decline; liquids; tna; increase; total; barrels; projects; reserves; oil production; liquids production; decline rate; ngl production; total liquids; billion barrels; reserve growth; annual decline; tna tna; oil projects
Downloads: 60
[texts]Permaculture: DIYPermablitzKit
Permaculture: DIYPermablitzKit
Keywords: permaculture; permablitz; food; sydney; oil; garden; peak; organic; agriculture; climate; earth sydney; climate change; peak oil; agriculture industry; permaculture designer; olive oil; oil production; green revolution; food production; urban gardens
Downloads: 95
[texts]The Partys Over-Oil War and the Fate of Industrial Societies
The Partys Over-Oil War and the Fate of Industrial Societies
Keywords: energy; oil; production; global; petroleum; peak; fuel; natural; human; power; natural gas; oil production; energy resources; nuclear power; net energy; global oil; renewable energy; fossil fuels; middle east; historic interval
Downloads: 317
[texts]051007-Hirsch World Oil Production
051007-Hirsch World Oil Production
Keywords: oil; peaking; production; mitigation; reserves; energy; geological; peak; fields; petroleum; oil production; oil field; oil fields; oil peaking; conventional oil; atlantic council; oil reserves; oil prices; inevitable peaking; vvbrld oil
Downloads: 58
[texts]Australian Govt Oil supply trends
Australian Govt Oil supply trends
Keywords: cumulative; production; discovery; pred; figure; smoothed; predicted; oil; fifi; curve; cumulative discovery; cumulative production; smoothed cumulative; oil production; deep water; crude oil; centred moving; years centred; production curves; stretch lag
Downloads: 149
[texts]GiantOilfields and Future Production
GiantOilfields and Future Production
Keywords: oil; production; fields; giant; field; peak; petroleum; reserve; reservoir; gas; oil fields; giant oil; oil production; giant fields; oil field; future oil; saudi arabia; peak oil; peak level; middle east
Downloads: 165
[texts]Tipping Point
Tipping Point
Keywords: energy; oil; production; global; collapse; peak; economic; civilisation; complex; infrastructure; oil production; peak oil; global economy; global oil; energy flows; operational fabric; economic growth; decline curve; climate change; globalised civilisation
Downloads: 37
[texts]Hubberts Peak-The Impending World Oil Shortage
Hubberts Peak-The Impending World Oil Shortage
Keywords: oil; petroleum; gas; production; rock; drilling; chapter; hubbert; wells; geologists; oil fields; natural gas; oil production; oil field; petroleum geologists; oil companies; major oil; crude oil; source rocks; gulf coast
Downloads: 50
[texts]Energy Descent Pathways
Energy Descent Pathways
Keywords: oil; peak; energy; retrieved; sustainable; scenarios; transition; addiction; descent; global; peak oil; energy descent; motivational interviewing; sustainable consumption; climate change; oil production; oil reserves; cheap oil; descent action; oil companies
Downloads: 49
[texts]Bristol Peak Oil Report
Bristol Peak Oil Report
Keywords: oil; peak; bristol; energy; fuel; food; transport; resilience; supply; production; peak oil; oil prices; climate change; public transport; oil price; oil production; public services; oil supply; natural gas; south west
Downloads: 133
[texts]Malaysia Palm Oil Industry Outlook to 2018 – Demand for Biofuel to Drive Production - Ken Research
Malaysia palm oil market research report providing statistics on production, consumption, planted area, industry revenue, exports, segments and market share analysis of major palm oil producers.The report provides detailed overview on the palm oil industry of Malaysia and helps readers to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in coming years...
Keywords: Malaysia Palm Oil Production; Consumption; Malaysia Palm Oil Industry Revenue; Market Share of Palm Oil Mills Malaysia; Planted Area Palm Oil Malaysia; Palm Oil Future Prospects; Palm Oil Export; Imports; Palm Oil Trends and Development; Malaysia Palm Oil Industry Investments
Downloads: 53
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